Modern Chic Halloween

With less pressure than Christmas and more cuteness than Thanksgiving, it’s no wonder Halloween is North America’s second-biggest celebration.

Since we can’t all shell out the dough for a multimillion-dollar diamond encrusted skull to make our homes Halloween chic, here are some more affordable options that don’t include faux spider webs, plastic pumpkins or Styrofoam headstones.

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just hope to get your home into the holiday spirit, there are now decorating alternatives for all tastes and styles.

Halloween is fun and should be celebrated at any age! Use these ideas and great finds from Amy Atlas, Martha Stewart to Pottery Barn to West Elm — to set up your space for an upscale Halloween decor.

Have fun!

Pumpkins – Here are some great ideas for all tastes and styles.

Glitter, White, & Silver:


Patterned to Perfection:

Glamorous in Glitter:

Black or White:

Cute & Traditional:

Gold Glam:

Candy buffets – are fun anytime you have a group of people getting together for a celebration.  Halloween should certainly be no exception!  So many of us want to keep our children safe by celebrating Halloween at home, what a fun way for parents to pass out candy; by all contributing to a Halloween candy buffet! Coordinate the colors with your Halloween décor.

Homemade candy bar:

Orange coordinated:

Candy tree:

Silver pumpkin:

Black and White chic:



Other amazing ideas for a modern Halloween decor:

Simple decor:

Outdoor :


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