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Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with luxury brands.

hermes in a hall

One point for the “love” side, is the packaging.

hermes in another hall

The colour and quality has such substance – a shock in our throw-away society.

hermes on sideboard

Just as the Tiffany blue box has become an icon, so has the Hermes Orange box.

hermes Barbara Barry

Designer-types are famous for reusing their orange boxes in their offices – to store things but also show off the number of purchases they’ve made at the famous store.

hermes in an office

I have a few such boxes but prefer to keep them more hidden.

hermes as jewellery box

No, these are not my boxes (big sigh).

jewellery in hermes box

Mine are filled with ephemera….old birthday cards, paper souvenirs from weddings and funerals, special photos. Imagine 100 years from now, a great-grandchild will be going through the box, filled with this and that…

hermes box

I also love the colour.

hermes scarves on chairs

It’s an inspiration in decorating.

hermes pillows on daybed

My friend and colleague, Cameron MacNeil, once did a story for House & Home magazines on matching paint colours to prestige packaging – he chose Fiesta Orange (27/701) from CIL to match the famous Hermes orange. I always thought a dressing or powder room would be amazing in it ~So daring, dahling!~

Martha Stewart did it in a hallway…

hermes Martha room

I love this more contemporary version…

orange runner on stairs

As my own ode to the famous Hermes Orange, we did some wonderful leather-like accessories in cobistyle. A magazine or wastepaper bucket… orange waste paper bucket

Jewellery box…

orange jewellery drawers

Tray (and coasters not shown)…

orange tray

Perhaps Santa will bring you something in an Orange box this Christmas…or even better – some cobistyle!

hermes Xmas


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