Interior Trend: Copper Accents

Cooper accents are a big trend. Here is an interesting article

Pop & Circumstance | Guidebook for Beautiful Living

Copper Shade Pendant
Move over silver and gold. This spring it’s all about copper! Copper offers the same type of metallic accent but with a warm glow. I’ve seen these Tom Dixon Copper Shade beauties popping up everywhere. At $685 a shade they are definitely an investment, but they instantly transform a room. It would be hard to get just one after seeing them in such great groupings.

copper pendants installed
pin 1  //   pin 2  //  pin 3
Here’s some examples of the shade pendant installed. I love the look of the three hanging over the dining table and the addition of the red cords. The way the orb reflects the room around it is so playful. It’s kind of like a mini version of Anish Kapoor’s Chicago Bean but in your living space.

copper tubs
pin 1  //   pin 2
Another very bold way to incorporate copper into your home is through an antique…

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