The season for hibernation is behind us which means it’s time to unlock the shed, dust off the garden tools and ready the yard for some fun in the sun. Whether this means planting a garden to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, or re-facing the fence or deck, creating the perfect outdoor oasis will require planning and design.

To help start you off on the right foot, RONA has put together an eight week guide with tips and tricks to ensure your yard is looking great in time for summer.


8-Week calendar to get your backyard ready:

Week 1 : CLEAN – Clean out any old outdoor furniture, replace broken garden tools (hose, sprinkler) and lighting and toss out signs of winter debris (mulch, leaves, sticks, etc.)

Week 2 : Maintain – Get back in the shed, dust off the lawn mower and sharpen the shears. Having quality tools will help you to create the garden of your dreams with ease. From trowels and cultivators to lawn rakes and powerful mowers, find everything you need this spring at a RONA Home & Garden locations.


Week 3 : Prune – Pruning is a great way to Kea plants healthy and blooming.  RONA Home & Garden recommends using sharp, clean tools such as hand clippers, hedge trimmers, shearers and saws, to make the job easier and keep tour plants healthy.

Week 4 : Prep – give your grounds a boost of nutrients and minerals with appropriate planting soil and fertilizer.

Week 5 : Plant – fill the garden space with a variety of seasonal blooms and vegetables.Trends for the 2014 garden include super foods like quinoa and dandelions and drinkable produce such as blueberries, raspberries and grapes. The environment is also on everyone’s minds this year. Look for pollen rich flowers, trees and veggies to support bee populations, and embrace locally grown flowers, and plants.


Week 6 : Refresh – apply a fresh coat of paint or a new stain to yard fencing, decks and furniture.

3 quick steps to refurbish worn down garden furniture:

  1. Clean it – use a cleaning product like C-L-R Metal Clear for grungy metal furniture.
  2. Buff it with steel wool – metal furniture that’s gathered rust can look brand new by applying a little elbow grease.
  3. Spray paint it – Add renewed life and a vibrant new color by spray painting on metal or wood. Special paints are also available for plastic furniture.


Week 7 : FurnishInstall new or updated outdoor furniture and start planning your first summer gatherings. RONA offers a wide variety of patio furniture in styles ranging from $89.99 to $499, perfect for the backyard or the condo balcony


Week 8 : Finish – Just because you don’t live in the Mediterranean, doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your own back yard. Look for garden accessories that showcase your global style such as exotic birds, and brightly colored cushions, potted plants, and modern lighting.





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